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Functional Aerobic Strength Training

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1st group set 10 Dumbbell press 10 Hands off the ground Push-ups 2nd group 300 Sit-ups Variations

Warm-up: 75 jumping jacks 10 burpees (Run opt.)High Intensity Intervals: 30 seconds of mountain climbers 30 seconds recovery 30 seconds burpees 30 seconds recovery Sprint level: 1-3x Super level: 4-5x Beast level: 5+x Do your mountain climbers and burpees at a high tempo. Push yourself, but always remember to maintain form.

Main set: Run 30-60 minutes at an easy to moderate pace with 10-30 burpees every 10 minutes.

Main set: 1 minute each exercise Bodyweight squats Plank Wall sit Burpees Hanging leg raises Sprint level: 3 rounds Super level: 4 rounds Beast level: 5 rounds

Run 1/2 mile 30 crunches Run 1/2 mile 15 hanging knee raises Run 1/2 mile 1 minute plank Run 1/2 mile 1 minute plank Sprint level: x1 Super level: x2 Beast level: x3

30-30-30 Main set: 30 seconds push-ups 30 seconds crunches 30 seconds plank Sprint level: 3x Super level: 4x Beast level: 5x

Main set: 15 burpees 15 pull-ups 15 box jumps 15 sandbag squat-throws 50 crunches 50 bodyweight squats 50 jumping lunges 5 rope climbs or 25’ bear crawls Run 1.5 miles