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Functional Aerobic Strength Training

5 rounds

Kettle bell press (your weight)
25 kettle bell High Pulls- Like starting a lawn mower
Run 800 meters


Kettle bell High Pulls– Start by gripping a kettlebell in one hand and standing erect with your feet about shoulder width apart.  From there, squat down keeping your arm straight.  Ascend by driving through the middle of your feet and your heels while squeezing your glutes and your quads.  While ascending, pull on the kettlebell, driving your elbow straight up into the air.  This movement should be done in all one motion, it should not be segmented.  So, while ascending from the squat you should be pulling on the kettlebell and driving your elbow up.  Complete prescribed reps on one arm before switching to the other arm to complete the set.