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Functional Aerobic Strength Training

Functional Aerobic Strength Training

Shifts in the fitness industry happen very seldom , from push-ups and pull-ups in gym class to free weights,  Nautilus machines, now we are back to the basic. You can’t talk about this unless you mention CrossFit, Greg Glassman had a vision and made it a reality. Many might have had the same ideas but he laid the ground work and redefined how you should be working out, making you better and more fit then you ever thought possible, thanks you CrossFit.

From that Shift has come many different versions and thoughts, F.A.S.T. is one of those versions, no load music, crazy dropping of weights (this will happen) and no set “weight” that makes up a exercise you have to hit. F.A.S.T. is based on getting you in shape and keeping you injury free. Unlike free weights the movements in F.A.S.T. help you with everyday functions. You will use all your muscles, nothing linear, no straight lines, just hard work, simple proven methods that have been used since you where a kid in gym class.


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To help individuals achieve their goals through general conditioning, technology and real world exercise! I am a catalyst in motivating individuals to exercise by being a motivational incentive for all! Currently active in Triathlons, Mt. Biking, Sailing, Skiing, surfing, climbing, kettlebell and Jiu Jitsu.

Imagination. Dedication. Execution. Achievement.
I’ve been imagining creative solutions health companies since 2002; my creative vision enables me to excel in crafting targeted, powerful solutions to clients’ health challenges. I carefully evaluate individual’s needs, goals, and budget to tailor the best solution. I don’t just talk about the importance of intelligent solutions; I beta them on myself first, being a Triathlete, Mt. Biker and general fitness enthusiast I develop and deliver those solutions rapidly and efficiently—solutions that are real, focused, and able to produce immediate, measurable results., a fitness blog related to technology and improving the well being of all and, solely dedicated to triathletes!

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